So… The final break was on before the beginning of my next semester in college…..; Being the crazy book worm i am…. I started to search for a good read online… I basically had my eyes on romantic ebooks and i started to search in http://mobile9.com .
While browsing for romantic thrillers, this book came as a suggestion.
Although i am not a huge fan of historical fiction…. The summary gave me huge hopes.
And to be frank… Never in my life have i read such a WONDERFUL book…

      The story is about Esther, a middle aged Jewish woman who leaves her second husband because he abuse her.
She and her 3 kids go to USA for work…. What strikes me is the way the author portrayed each character….. And moreover the story captures about four generations and in my opinion…. Writing about 20 different people with different varieties and each character has its own uniqueness… It also changes our outlook towards those people…. The Jews esp after the first and second world war… About how they were treated…. And how impossible it was yo get jobs only because they were considered inferiors…. They even changed their religion….. And the story becomes heart wrenching when each of the character has its own sufferings to overcome….
All in all its a MUST READ and this book makes us realize that not all story have happy wealthy endings… 🙂
Do read everyone…



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