When i was seven,

I was in heaven,

Coz ‘morrows my bday

And none like any day,

I sang, I danced,

Together with my dinosaur,

Coz all i wanted was,

A pretty little barbie doll,

I slept, i woke,

Tossing and turning all around,

Thinkung whether it’d be pink or blue

And behold, the next day comes,

And i get my little gift,

Wrapped in ribbons an balloons,

The prettiest thing i,ve seen,

I run, i jump, i laugh,

Coz heres my dream come true.

Then i saw a girl

Covered in rags,

Her smile like the shining sun,

But eyes like a beaten puppy,

Then and there i knew,

What would give me happiness,

I went and placed the doll,

On her little hands,

The smile that spread on her lips, i decided

Was ever the most beautiful gift i had……

So lovely people, heres my first try for poem,

Comments reviews, anything will make my day..


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