A story

So…. He many of u people have ever wondered that it was better if you weren’t single….
How many of u people have wished that there was someone to hold on to u when you were low…..
Even I was like that.. All my friends had boyfriends and relationships and parties and make out and what not!!! I always used to blame god for not giving my right one to me….. When I reached colege I met this boy; a senior who strtd ragging me… Later on we became friends and then the relation was going smooth… What we were we didn’t know nor did we evn ask each other…it was something beautiful according to me… Since this was my first time…..
The things went downhill when we started getting intimate… For me love was just talking getting flowers gifts and innocent kisses…..
For him it was something more….. He started to be demanding and later lead on to fights coz I wasn’t ready t do what he wanted…… Eventually we broke up
The reason y I told u this story is I know there are millions of girls like me who think the same way I used to… Its because god knows we aren’t ready to handle all these relations….. So what I want to say is before loving or expecting t b loved in return LOVE URSELF… Love the way u look, be healthy, treat itself for the little achievements u have made…. Love will come on its way but if u don’t start loving yourself you won’t know what exactly is it you want….
Thank you 🙂